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Magical new beginnings at a British institution

Helping the BBC to learn how it could make new joiners effective from day one

The BBC were worried that the magic of their organisation was being lost during the new joiner on-boarding process. They wanted to create a first-class experience that enables new joiners to feel the magic of the BBC from start to finish but weren't sure where to start.

The BBC attracts some of the best talent from around the world to fill many different roles. Journalists, designers, camera operators, DJs and sound engineers alike join the organisation to shape the British media landscape. With such a huge company, new joiners weren’t sure what was going on and had a lot of questions. These included 'where do I need to be?', 'who is in my team?', 'when will my hardware be ready and how do I get my software?', and 'what procedures are already in place?' This led to a lot of time being wasted chasing answers, and not being productive from the get-go.


Embedding ourselves in the design team helped us to maximise collaboration and understanding

Matthew Jackson

Design Lead - Big Radical

The assignment

The Big Radical team were tasked to understand where the pain points of the on-boarding process were, why this part of the process takes so long and why a new system was necessary. Within 20 days we identified the right problem to solve and developed the business case for investment.

The discovery process was sponsored by the BBC leadership, giving us permission to integrate on site with the BBC's internal user experience team in order to bridge the gaps between departments in an effort to better understand and map out the new joiner experience. It meant creating an entire project space at head office with the internal team to experience together the technical and practical issues at hand. We interviewed those that had recently joined the BBC, as well as the IT co-ordinators that help look after them, to find out where we could change this process for the better.

We started with a question: “how can we better approach the time-old problem of introducing a new system to a time-poor team?”, and a hypothesis for the design team to test and iterate against: a more unified system for the provision of equipment would improve overall measures of the experience.